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All India Life Foundation created SHANTINEER in 2015, keeping in view the increasing need of homely atmosphere in the old age home. With the experience of taking care of street and slum children, the foundation started the project with great dedication. In April 2016 on April 20th the organization opened an old age home in Tantipara, Barahnagar. Since the inception, the project has increased greatly for the facilities, each boarder obtains here. Now, the organization has 3 buildings with more than 65 borders. In this ongoing project of running a reliable old age home, we opened another unit in Asansol in 2018 with the seating capacity of more than 50 borders.

Apart from providing the peaceful environment for our old age home borders, we provide quality services to our borders with physical challenges as well. Here you will obtain facilities as per your demand and requirement of the best quality. From attaining ayaa facility for 24 hours to obtaining doctor's services, everything will be possible for you. To get the delighting experience of residing in an old age home, if you are planning on choosing one of the best one in Kolkata, then we could be your one-stop destination. Contact us for detailed information about the services, charges, and others.

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