You are most welcome to our promising old age home in Kolkata, Shantineer.  With love and respect, we take care of people at their older age by offering them homely atmosphere. We understand the need of older people and take humanistic steps to provide them with the best comfort and satisfaction. From arranging regular health check up to offering them pleasure activities, in all the cases, we are serious enough. For maintaining the good health of our old age home residents, we take several steps. On the other hand; to give the best mental satisfaction, we provide professional old age home services of the best quality and create a homely atmosphere for them.

You will feel the feeling of residing in a happy home will always instinct your mind positively, which is our specialty. Each member in your old age home feels highly satisfied as they are taken care of individually too. On the other hand; you will get the chance of being a member of reunion club for old age members. All these things will go in favor of you and you will never feel alone or deprived of living a quality life. Your second innings of life will be happier that you never expected. Now, experience the difference by visiting us personally or by making a call to us.